My Settings #03: P6 Layouts & Filters

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Primavera P6 Layouts and Filters are two of the most commonly used functionalities in P6 as they are both very powerfully and help set P6 aside from other Planning tools. Today, I'll explain why I like saving my Layouts as Project Layouts and Filters as Layout Filters.

Saving Layouts

P6 offers 4 options when saving a Layout and these are making the Layout available to All Users, Another User, Current User and Project.
I always prefer saving Layouts as Project Layouts as this will make the Layout always accessible within the Project even when the Project is exported. Having Layouts exported with Projects is important to me as I sometimes work in different databases and this means I don't have to worry about recreating a Layout with all the associated formatting every time I export & import.
Saved Project Layouts will be grouped under Project in the Open Layout dialog.

Saving Filters

P6 ships with some predefined Filters which are grouped under Default heading in the Filters dialog while any newly created Filter will be grouped under User Defined heading in the Filters dialog.
There also 2 other Filters options available to users; 
  1. To turn a User Defined Filter into a Global Filter by selecting the User Defined Filter and then clicking the Make Global button or
  2. To make a copy of either a Default, User Defined or Global Filter available to a Layout by selecting the desired Filter and then clicking the Copy As Layout button
Using the Copy As Layout option, I always tend to save any Filter I use with a Layout and that way it is always associated with the Layout. This also means that if the Layout is a Project Layout, the Filter is also exported/imported with the Project Layout when the Project is exported/imported.


  1. This tips came just on time for my current project......quite useful.


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