P6 Current Critical Path vs Baseline Critical Path

A question I sometimes get is “how does the current critical path compare to the critical path at baseline” and a good reason for this question is the desire to see if the critical activities at baseline are still critical (or if current critical activities were critical at baseline) and to get an understanding of how the schedule’s logic has changed since baseline.

While there might be other ways of answering this question, I usually respond by issuing a P6 schedule that shows both the current critical and baseline critical activities. I have written a tutorial for my good friends at Plan Academy on how to set-up a Primavera P6 layout to show Current Critical Path vs Baseline Critical Path.

Pop over to their site to read the tutorial by clicking on: https://www.planacademy.com/show-baseline-critical-path-p6/https://www.planacademy.com/show-baseline-critical-path-p6/